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Recollections on hobby computing and stuff from a group of friends.

Chnange Log
07/06/18: just getting started.

Update for July 6, 2018
Something cool to try #1 (ScottH)
Go get an account on the SDF Public Access UNIX System. ...
It's pretty great. While I grew up in Texas, I didn't know of this BBS, which had an early connection to the Internet. Really something in its day. And even now it does email, chat, bulletin board , web access and web hosting. A really cool not-for-profit... Did I mention Gopher and a C compiler ? :) Quite a few hams on-board. And they hold a net on Sunday Nights. Send me a test message to and we'll set up a sked to chat on-line.

aside: fortunately, I got to play with the Texas Higher Education Network. back when I was in high school.

Random Thoughts #1: (ScottH)
modified last July 6, 2018 Flashback #1: BOOK
My Computer Likes Me ...
... an early example of a how-to book on computing. If you've read Steven Levy's Hackers, you'll remember the part when the computer moved from government, business and academia to more regular folks, ya know, hackers, hippies and the like ! ;)